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Our Story!

My First Adventure Childcare and Preschool was established on October 1, 2016, when Roger and Susan purchased the business from the previous owner. It started with two classrooms, Outer Space for the older kiddos and The Zoo for the younger kiddos. As enrollment grew, additional rooms were repainted and named after a place kids would like to go on an adventure: The Beach and Teddy Bear Park. In late winter of 2020, a major remodeling project on the lower level resulted in a brand-new preschool room named The Construction Site. Major changes were made to the front landscaping and future plans include
a playground overhaul.

Inside, My First Adventure has a homey feeling despite being a group center. Relaxed contracts, minimum fees, call in credits and flexible scheduling allow families with all kinds of work schedules to have a quality care option for their kiddos. Curriculum is based on the Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards for early childhood education and care and teachers focus on relationship building, skill building and social learning all based on the importance of play.

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